25th iADH International Congress

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Fees for iADH Mexico, 2020 Congress

Membership Early Bird (January 1-May 31) From June 1 and onsite
Member Dentist 500 550
Member non-dentist 400 500
Member Students (undergraduate) 250 350
Member students (postgraduate) 350 400
Member one day 200 300
Member students one day 120 160
Member (developing economies countries) 280 350
Non member dentists 600 700
Non member Non-dentists 550 650
Non member students 350 450
Non member one day 200 250
Accompany person 150 200

All payment will be in USD

For all inquieries, please contact with Dr. Uriel Soto Barreras



Submission Deadline: March 15, 2020

The International Association for Disability and Oral Health (iADH) is excited to announce the opening of the Abstracts submission site for the iADHMEXICO 2020 International Congress.


Log in through iADHMEXICO SITE:

You will need to create an account to submit an abstract.

NOTE: Creating an account for abstract submission does not equate to becoming a member or renewing membership to the iADH.

Steps for submitting an abstract:

STEP 1: Click call for abstracts.

STEP 2: Click submit an abstract.

NOTE: The dateline for abstract submission will be March 15th.

STEP 3: You can edit or update your abstract at any time before you submit it. The final submission will be when you click finalize abstract; after that, you can not edit your submission.

Structure of the abstract, maximum of words allowed:

Author & affiliations (s): 50

Title: 25 words

Summary: 200 words

Author (s) & affiliations: No more of 6 authors and affiliations. You will be listed as the first author, all correspondence regarding the abstract will be to the author that submit the abstract.

Title: No more than 25 words will be allowed.

Summary: No more than 200 words will be allowed


1. Review your submission information. If any information needs to be updated, click the upadate button.

2. If complete, click the Submit button.

3. You will receive notification of the successful submission of your abstract to the email address you have provided in log-in.

4. You will receive notification of acceptance or rejection of your abstract on March 30 or before this date.

For additional information, please contact: or