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iADH Congress, Acapulco, Mexico 2020

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Education and training in special care dentistry.

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iADH Education – Chair

Update and Initiatives to Develop Global Education Networks.

Prof Shelagh Thompson
United Kingdom
(United Kingdom)
Shelagh Thompson

Postgraduate Education in Special Care Dentistry-

International Programmes and Courses

Dr Fatima Alsayer
United Kingdom
(United Kingdom)
Fatima Alsayer

Progress of Special Care Dentistry Education in Latin America

Specialisation and Career Development.

Dr Gabriela Scagnet
Gabriela Scagnet
Examples of Teaching and Assessing iADH Currricula Learning Outcomes

Special Care Dentistry at the Undergraduate level: Experience and Challenges

Dr Carreño has been teaching at the undergraduate level for the last 7 years and will share experiences and what barriers he faced. The talk will cover different teaching activities and how these have been validated with evidence e.g, service-learning, learning-based problems and learning-based cases.

Dr Daniel Carreño
Daniel Carreño

The Effects of Clinical Training on the Attitudes of Dental Students towards Special Care Dentistry

Dr Jacobo Limeres Posse
Jacobo Limeres Posse

Provision of Dental Care in a Community Outreach Setting by the Department of Special Care Dentistry of Witten/Herdecke University

In 2019, permission was obtained by the Regional Dental Chamber and Social Security System to open a satellite unit for provision of dental care in a nursing home for persons with intellectual disabilities. A mobile dental unit was bought with financial support of two regional foundations. A dentist and dental nurse from the Special Care Department provide regular weekly dental care, with Year 4 and 5 dental students assisting the team.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schulte
Andreas Schulte

A Survey of Students' Satisfaction on Participation Learning Using Role-play in Special Care Dentistry

The purpose of the survey was to provide basic data that aims to develop the clinical practice education program, and improve satisfaction for the clerkship by evaluating the satisfaction of students who participated in learning using role-play in the clerkship of SCD.

Students evaluated the role-play as an interesting and useful educational tool in communication and the satisfaction score showed difference according to the roles. This talk will include introduction of role play as teaching tools and its educational effects with some experiences to be shared.

Professor Dr Young J Kim
South Korea
(South Korea)
Young J Kim

Use of drama classes to facilitate learning in Special Care Dentistry.

Two years ago, Dr Dogan invited a drama teacher from Cukurova University Education Faculty to be involved in teaching dental students. Dr Dogan will describe the elective course which was videoed and analysed using pre- and post-delivery questionnaires.

Professor Dr Cem Dogan
Cem Dogan

Targeting General Dental Practitioners in a postgraduate residency program to reduce barriers to access dental health care services for people requiring special dental care.

Education supports learners with the skills required to provide safe and effective care for the patients. With almost 90% of the people with disabilities requiring Special Care Dentistry estimated to be able to access services in local primary care setting, it is important to aim for educating General Dental Practitioners. The General Dentistry Residency program governed by the Oman Medical Speciality Board provides training in Special Care Dentistry. Direct clinical observation with structured feedback is implemented to ensure the desired competency level for the residents in order to progress. In a service-based setting, some of the challenges faced by the training sites are the shortage of time and limited variations of patient exposure. One of the suggested methods to overcome these challenges is the introduction of medical simulation and role-play.

Dr Nadiya Al Kindi
Nadiya Al Kindi

Integrating visual arts into Special Care Dentistry training- impact on students’ empathy and educational experience in comprehensive patient care.

The ‘PhotoDentistry’ learning activity was developed by specialists in dentistry, arts and educational psychology as an innovative approach in the training of Special Care Dentistry. It involves the use of visual arts, in the form of ‘street photographs’. It was found that students demonstrated increased level of empathy as well as development of observational, communication and critical thinking skills. They also cited acquiring improved understanding of comprehensive patient care and better attitudes towards people with special needs.

Associate Professor Dr Mas Suryalis
Mas Suryalis

IPE–Interprofessional Education Day

This talk will highlight an initiative for an interprofessional education day involving all professions- medicine, dentistry, nutrition, speech, nursing, physio, occupational therapy, optometry, psychology and social work.

The initial proposal was based on a medical model involving a 16yr old refugee with severe cerebral palsy who presented to an emergency department with back pain. Moving to a psychosocial model using ICF was suggested and how its use was able to deepen learning and show how ICF can be incorporated into IPE in a more balanced and non- siloed approach.

Clive Friedman / Dr Cecilia Dong
Clive Friedman Cecilia Dong

India Model of Innovation in introducing education in Special Care Dentistry in Dental Schools

Wg Cdr Dr Aroop Banerjee / Dr Reena R Kumar
Aroop BanerjeeReena R Kumar